For my final project, I used PhotoStory3 to create a digital story explaining the Creative Commons licenses and where to look for images with CC licenses.  I chose to focus on images because the students (and some teachers) at my school often use images found online without permission or even attribution.  The audience I had in mind when creating my presentation is my peers, the other elementary librarians in my  district.  We have been talking about attribution and Creative Commons, but we are still newbies at using items with Creative Commons licenses.   In the future, I hope to share the video with the staff at my school.  I would use it as  part of an ongoing conversation about digital citizenship.  We all need to practice ethical internet behavior personally and model it for our students before expecting students to exhibit good digital citizenship.

I have not had an opportunity to share my project with the other librarians yet, so I asked a few readily available school personnel to view the video and give me feedback.  The technology director gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up.  After a second viewing, she suggested giving teachers a poster about Creative Commons licenses to keep by their computers.  She thinks teachers might want and/or need a reference to keep handy.  My library assistant said Creative Commons is all new to her, but that I had explained things clearly.  A literacy coach (grades 3-5) also viewed the video.  I had not briefed her ahead of time about Creative Commons or this class, but she was a willing “victim.”  She reported that she had never heard of CC before so it took a few slides to realize what the presentation was about.  Her comments made me realize that I would definitely need to provide a verbal introduction before presenting the video.

I uploaded my video to Vimeo.  (I was not sure how to indicate the video has a CC BY-SA license other than in the description and in the video itself.) Please feel free to view it and to provide feedback.  I gave attribution for all the images I used at the end of the video. I also put all the attributions in a document available on my blog.