I loved this last project!

I created an overview of Creative Commons concepts and practices for my school. It was great fun! Now, I feel this is a little ignorant, but I did not attribute the work that I linked to, because I didn’t actually include anything in my web page. Technically it’s all linked to, or embedded, in which the user will always leave my site to access the other resources that I have included. Is that OK?

Also, another tricky part, is that I did add a CC license to my post at the bottom, BUT this web page is actually within my school’s Edublogs site, so I think that I don’t own the copyright because my work here is a “work for hire” case. I’m not sure I’m allowed to do the CC thing (but I did anyway–and I added the most restrictive license just to be a little safer). Thoughts?

Have a look and let me know what you think!