OK, so this is also a little late, but I think I’ve combined several weeks of work into one task.

I too have attempted to remix a video. I found a video that I was free to use and remix for educational purposes, but thought that since (in my case) I’d use this with grade 2 students (around age 8), it might be necessary to get to the point, and maybe “emphasize” some things. This was really a trial and error, but made with a real audience in mind, so we’ll see what happens.

Animal Rehabilitation Center – Human Activites from ctaylorw on Vimeo.

Remixing the video was done in iMovie. The video was acquired from Teachers Domain, and I was easily able to download the movie and further manipulate it for my needs. Teachers Domain works a bit differently in that it is not Creative Commons (CC) per se, but they license their works in a fashion similar to that of CC. This particilar video that I used came with a “Download, Share, and Remix: Education/Attribution / Non-Commercial  License.”

The greatest challenge for me came after the video was made.

How to attribute? I read several examples, especially a post by another student in this class who also used video. I referred to Jane’s response to that, and her example of how you can put the license information in the text of the description. Have I done this right? I’m still not sure! Other resources that helped me with this “more-complex-than-I-thought-process” were:

How to post? I know how to post video but here’s my situation. I am in China, and many video streaming sites among other things are blocked. Often we post our videos locally on Chinese video sharing sites, because they are accessible domestically for our students. This creates a whole lot of other issues regarding copyright. I initially wanted to post my video on my school’s Edublogs site, but I encountered technical challenges that have slowed me down (I’ll spare the details!). In the end, I followed the model of my classmate and opted to use Vimeo (for the sake of this class, and maybe for real students if it can work) because it can automatically assign a CC license to my work.

How should my attribution be different, since I didn’t exactly start with a CC licensed work? Here, I got a little creative. I simply included the legal statements that I understand I am required to include if I am using and especially remixing the work. I attributed it in a similar fashion as I would a CC licensed work, only it’s a bit lengthier.

My last question: Am I able to license my remixed video with the CC license I chose (CC BY-NC-SA), when there were restrictions on the use of the original material? The license I chose was a ‘best fit’ to the original license, so I’m hoping this is appropriate. Would love your thoughts!