So I attempted to remix a few different items related to the Cuban Missile Crisis, and this is what I ended up with:

Basically, I created a presentation, then took video clips from a government archive clip and a video I found on vimeo, plus added some pictures from the public domain. I think it’s okay, but I didn’t give the attributions until the very end of the presentation, which probably wasn’t the best way to do it. I was able to find all of the photographs in the Public Domain, and then I borrowed some video material from a video that I found on vimeo. The video had a creative commons license, but the problem is, others might make a CC video without actually using all CC sources for THEIR work. Does that happen a lot?

I plan on using this in the class by actually splitting the video in half. I am going to show the first part of the video about the background and events leading up to the Cold War and the possible decisions that EXCOMM could face, then the students do an activity where they act like President Kennedy and decide what exactly to do. Once they have completed their analysis of what should be done, they’ll see the second half of the video, which explains more of the aftermath.

I uploaded this into vimeo and my account automatically makes it a CC-licensed file.