As one of our tasks for week 2, we were asked to teach someone about the Creative Commons licenses. I had a conversation with a tech savvy family member who had developed a serious photography hobby. 

Had he heard of CC before? Yes.

What questions did he have? He wanted to know more about the different licenses and simply needed a little more explanation as to what they actually entailed.

What questions do I still have? He asked me a great question. He is aware that his personal digital photos are copyrighted automatically. He knows it isn’t necessary to mark the images with a copyright symbol, but he does anyway. He does this because the software he uses has this feature built in, and it’s easy for him to do. He asked me if Creative Commons licensed images also have a specific licensing symbol. They do, and are usually posted on the website where the images (or item) is posted. However, I agree with him in that I never see the symbol marked directly on an image itself. Because the CC license is not visible on an image, someone can download it and completely ignore the CC license. My response was that people will do this anyway, whether there is copyright or not. The question remains though, is there a way to embed CC licenses into the metadata of a digital file somehow? I don’t know.

… update…

A bit later, I read more about this and have learned that you can use the icons and/or the appropriate abbreviations. My family member also looked further into the software he uses for his photos and learned that he can customize the icons and text that go into the “copyright” field, so it is possible he could include the CC icons, or the abbreviations at the very least. The book Shared Creations: Making Use of Creative Commons by Emily Puckett Rodgers & Kristin Fontichiaro was very helpful!